Things You Can’t Throw in the Trash

Check the label before throwing anything away.  Toxic materials, such as ink cartridges or batteries must be disposed of properly. You can’t just throw them away in the trash. Some companies and manufacturers handle hazardous materials daily and they follow stringent regulations when it comes to their disposal. Everybody else should do the same.

Many homeowners are using hazardous materials, and they are not aware of it. They may even have some stored in their driveways, yards, garages, basements, and storage areas. So as not to dump a potentially dangerous item into the landfill, follow the guidelines set by the local government to make sure that you’re disposing of trash safely.

What are Hazardous Materials?

Most of the chemicals used at home, garage, or workshop are dangerous. Worse, the risk of their improper disposal is understood by many. When an item is marked as toxic, dangerous, or hazardous, then it means that the item must be disposed of properly. There might be proper disposal instructions on the label, too.

Examples of such items are pesticides, cleaning solutions, paints, herbicides, solvent, oven cleaners, metal polish, anti-freeze, transmission fluids, and motor oils. The same is true for damaged appliances, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, and almost anything sharps, like surgical needles. All these items require proper disposal.

What does My Local Community Accept?

Many cities and towns have a facility for the proper disposal of dangerous materials. Check the website of your local government and contact an accredited trash removal company to ask which things are approved. They will normally have announcements on their website about this. Follow the instructions on the website, if there are any, about the proper handling of such materials.

Municipalities must also maintain a list of dangerous goods and hazards, so you won’t get confused about the items that you are using at home. All the items that you can’t throw in the trash can’t be disposed of in a dumpster either. These are the things that you must know if you’re thinking of renting Alexandria VA dumpsters.

Why You Can’t Throw Hazardous Items in the Dumpster

Aside from the hefty fines that the dumpster rental company will slap you with, throwing away hazardous materials in the trash is detrimental to the environment. These materials will mix with the air that we breathe and that’s not going to be healthy. Also, the chemicals may also get released into the soil, which will eventually find its way into the sewer lines or worse, into the water that we drink.

Complying with the laws is not an option. It’s something everybody should do to ensure that all people in the community are safe. It’s all about doing your share. The government is doing its best to collate all hazardous materials and dispose of them in one go. Watch out for announcements in your community as to where and when you’re supposed to bring these materials for collection. Until then, you must hold on to these items because they won’t be accepted by any junk removal company anyway.